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4: [04:14:08] <ss-helper> DogWomble: Welcome to #silverstripe! Please ask your questions but don't leave too soon, we are a busy lot.
5: [04:15:59] <DogWomble> hey all, i must confess i'm still trying to get my head around silverstripe so forgive me if these are a bit noobish :)
6: [04:17:27] <DogWomble> i've been asked to try and sort out a few issues with a site put together in silverstripe after the original developers caused a few problems
7: [04:18:05] <DogWomble> i've had some success in finding the template code that does stuff, i'm just trying to get my head around why its not working while trying to work out how this all works on the fly
8: [04:18:54] <DogWomble> the first issue is on something like https://screenjabber.com/reviews/genocidal-organ-2017-movie-review/ <-- I've found the bit in the template that generates the credits panel, i'm trying to work out why it's not showing anything
9: [04:20:24] <DogWomble> the other is https://screenjabber.com/reviews/profile/jack-gibbs <-- i'm trying to work out what i need to change to dispaly a list of that persons posts rather than everybodies
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11: [05:24:20] <ss-helper> pel_eez: Welcome to #silverstripe! Please ask your questions but don't leave too soon, we are a busy lot.
12: [05:25:42] <pel_eez> hey guys, i am wondering how to go about adding a custom widget to my DO, what i want in the end is an embedded ajax file upload that goes to a remote server/api (so maybe even an iframe for that bit) and shows the result of the action, the bit i'm not sure about is how to associate some kind of ID / DO field value with that, so the DO can track the ID of the asset in the remote system
13: [05:26:26] <pel_eez> i havea remote server that processes the payload and returns an audit / manifest of the asset zip (for another computer system, i just want to manage said asset items with silverstripe)
14: [05:27:00] <pel_eez> i figured i can use the raw html field type, i've used that before, but not sure how to have that widget also have a DO field associated with it
15: [05:27:21] <pel_eez> like if you had an image or file field
16: [05:54:09] <pel_eez> maybe it's time to move to silverstripe 4 aye
17: [05:54:24] <pel_eez> it's a new project anyway
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19: [09:02:47] <ss-helper> majorasjack_: Welcome to #silverstripe! Please ask your questions but don't leave too soon, we are a busy lot.
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21: [09:02:54] <ss-helper> majorasjack: Welcome to #silverstripe! Please ask your questions but don't leave too soon, we are a busy lot.
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24: [09:05:39] <majorasjack> I'm pretty new to Silverstripe (picking up a legacy system) and i've attempted to create a dev env for an existing SS project, but after moving files & changing permissions, i'm now just being presented with the following on the homepage:
25: [09:05:39] <majorasjack> Fatal error: Class 'Security' not found in public_html/framework/conf/ConfigureFromEnv.php on line 135
26: [09:05:53] <majorasjack> Debian system running NGINX & PHP 5.6
27: [09:14:37] <WebDevB> majorasjack: PM'd you.
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