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12: [10:21:21] <Dedra> Hi, someone knows a cheap (or maybe free?!) hoster which can handle silverstripe? I only need like php and one mysql database and ~250mb space. Nothing special. It's just for a simple private hobby page. Anyone have any tips?
13: [10:22:04] <Dedra> At the moment I run a vserver (mainly for ts3...) for the website. Since I'm not using TeamSpeak 3 anymore, I search for a max 2€ hoster or something.
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15: [11:22:04] <wmk> Dedra, i own a managed server at hetzner, it runs fine there.
16: [11:22:25] <Dedra> hm
17: [11:22:28] <wmk> Dunno if their cheapest offer has enough capacities that the site runs fast enough
18: [11:22:42] <wmk> but i think there was some "Pay as much as you want" hoster in Germany
19: [11:22:54] <wmk> Didn't use it myself but i heared good things about it
20: [11:22:56] <Dedra> well, Im using right now a vserver, mainly for the ts3... but since we dont use it anymore I search for a new hoster, just for the silverstripe website.
21: [11:23:17] <Dedra> how do you know im german :P
22: [11:23:43] <Dedra> i really only need ss2 (at the moment it's still 2) to run, and ~250mb max space. thats my needs.
23: [11:24:00] <wmk> https://www.hetzner.de/hosting/produkte_webspace/level4 is the first with database
24: [11:24:04] <Dedra> I'm using the website just for my viewer on twitch tv. So that they get further informations
25: [11:24:31] <Dedra> hm, well I found some for 2€ a month. But not sure if i have access to the php settings. :\
26: [11:24:40] <Dedra> if silverstripe is not running, u know.
27: [11:24:59] <wmk> https://uberspace.de/prices could be a possibility
28: [11:25:59] <Dedra> nice that they always want the 9.90€ setup :D that makes like 1 month of my vserver :P
29: [11:26:19] <wmk> who? hetznr or uber?
30: [11:26:24] <Dedra> hetz
31: [11:26:28] <Dedra> i just looking into uber
32: [11:26:50] <wmk> and your ISP has no free webspace?
33: [11:26:51] <Dedra> I guess I'm writing them. (uber)
34: [11:27:00] <wmk> in austria you get a basic (and slow) webspace with DSL
35: [11:27:01] <Dedra> im on telekom right now
36: [11:27:32] <Dedra> I don't think they have, but never really looked into it. The thing is, when I have 100 views a month on the website, its much :P
37: [11:27:48] <wmk> i know. Depends what you need / do with the website
38: [11:27:57] <Dedra> Uber seems nice for me. I'll write them. if it's possible to get my needs for 1€ first, I'm fine. When I have more viewers I'm fair and pay more.
39: [11:28:11] <wmk> You might also look into something like static export when you don't need any dynamic stuff on the server
40: [11:28:27] <Dedra> what do u mean with static export?
41: [11:28:30] <wmk> hosting flat html pages is quite cheap
42: [11:28:42] <Dedra> ah, thats what you mean
43: [11:28:55] <wmk> well, you might run Silverstripe in a VM on your PC/Laptop and export html
44: [11:29:06] <Dedra> well yeah. yes and now. I like using my silverstripe, even when I'm using ss2 right now. Have to switch to ss3 some day soon, but maybe i wait for 4
45: [11:29:24] <cloph> depending on your performance requirements you might also conosider amazon ec2 - although that's then more like 4$/month, not 2
46: [11:29:27] <Dedra> i use xampp localy to run ss
47: [11:29:40] <wmk> well, 2->3 is kinda worik. ATM I have one project i switch from 2.3 to 4
48: [11:30:00] <Dedra> is 4 already out? O.o
49: [11:30:05] <wmk> have to adjust the gallery module
50: [11:30:14] <wmk> well, 4 is still alpha-7, beta should be around
51: [11:30:18] <Dedra> have to say. I did not do anything the last years with silverstripe :P
52: [11:30:24] <Dedra> ah ok, good :)
53: [11:30:42] <wmk> It's a very simple site. one or two page types, and good ol' unclecheese image gallery module
54: [11:30:46] <Dedra> I really fel in love with ss2. But since I only do it as a hobby, i did not do much anymore.
55: [11:30:51] <wmk> and subsites
56: [11:31:00] <wmk> two very similar sites in one installation
57: [11:31:55] <Dedra> I worked for a bigger company, and I made a looot of sites. With our own cms (company cms). But then I had a burnout and was kicked out of life for like 4 years... and since then. I don't go for programming that hard. As hobby yes, as job not at the moment ^^ haha.
58: [11:31:56] <wmk> with static html export you could also host on amazon S3 - pay per view... Then it's just some cents per month
59: [11:32:13] <Dedra> So yeah, Just searching for a small, cheap hoster for that little ss2 site.
60: [11:33:00] <wmk> ss2 doesn't need that much power, dunno if it runs on php 5.5 or 5.6...
61: [11:33:07] <Dedra> yeah, maybe. I'll write uberspace, ask them out. And wait for the answers of the other hoster i found for 1-2€ the last hours. I mailed all of them. Asking about the php settings. And if something is not working if they (admin) can change it for me.
62: [11:33:38] <Dedra> It do, I guess. I updated my xampp a while ago. And it's still running so yeah.
63: [11:34:00] <wmk> good luck ;)
64: [11:34:04] <Dedra> ah, my vserver runs with 5.5 so yes, it works :D
65: [11:34:05] <wmk> anyone knows when 3.6 is out?
66: [11:34:13] <Dedra> thanks for the uber link. I totally hope on that one.
67: [11:34:13] <wmk> still beta-2 ...
68: [11:34:28] <wmk> Dedra, i guess it's the one. You can keep us updated
69: [11:37:39] <Dedra> yeah for sure :)
70: [11:37:46] <Dedra> guess it will be very interessting for you too
71: [11:38:29] <Dedra> well, the system is pretty easy there. You get an account. You load that account with money, and then they reduce that amount each month. Before your money is gone, they mail you it's time to load your account again.
72: [11:38:33] <Dedra> *fill
73: [11:41:08] <cloph> from what you described though (just a (static) site with some info), the static approach certainly has cheaper options :-) (as mentioned you likely have some basic webspace available from your ISP already
74: [11:41:27] <cloph> but then again you also said you'd need about 250MB...
75: [11:41:39] <Dedra> im looking for my ISP, but im sure they dont offer something like that. :)
76: [11:47:01] <cloph> I think German Telekom had 10MB webspace included - but I guess they moved that to the mycloud stuff. In general if you really need 250MB, then I doubt any provider will have that much included.
77: [11:47:32] <cloph> (but as wmk mentioned: you could store your large data stuff in amazon s3) -- too many ways to do it :-P
78: [11:47:55] <Dedra> yeah :)
79: [11:48:06] <Dedra> i mailed uber now. Maybe I can use that for 1€ a month :)
80: [11:48:21] <Dedra> and later I would go up. When more people visit the page, I will pay more. Lets see.
81: [12:35:13] <wmk> Depends on what you do... If i have a company customer I charge some money for hosting, as it's on my machine and this also costs some bucks. If they want to host themself cheaper they have to pay more for my service. Cause deploying to an unknown host can take some time.
82: [12:35:25] <wmk> and ftp-only hosting is the worst...
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84: [14:16:02] <Dedra> wmk, that's what I get: https://uberspace.de/tech since your from AT you should be able to read it. Price, I can select my own O.o
85: [14:16:29] <Dedra> That was the answer on my email question.
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87: [14:18:37] <wmk> Dedra, seems only haskell is missing in that list of supported languages
88: [14:19:16] <Dedra> do i need it for ss2? O.o
89: [14:19:23] <wmk> Dedra, nope
90: [14:19:28] <Dedra> u see :P
91: [14:19:30] <Dedra> ;)
92: [14:19:38] <wmk> but they also support Erlang and Lua
93: [14:24:58] <Dedra> yeah. To be honest, that system is pretty interessting.
94: [14:25:48] <Dedra> I mean, if you can't pay that much, since your a startup. Or just a hobby coder or something. You can just do it like 1€ a month. And when you are grown, maybe you just pay more than you would usually pay for a service like that. Just to give something back from the startup time.
95: [14:26:10] <Dedra> Dunno, I guess I decided which one I'll test. I'll try uber for sure.
96: [14:26:24] <Dedra> Now I have to search for the cheapest domain I can find :)
97: [14:26:53] <Dedra> since the url doesn't matter, since people only visit my page through the stream chat bot links. I can simply change the domain from my actual one to a new one.
98: [14:27:16] <Dedra> seems .info could be cheap.
99: [14:27:53] <Dedra> But I totally need one with privacy. Since whois wouldn't be good to give the adress to the live viewer audience :-P then you have 100 of people in front of your house :P
100: [14:30:25] <wmk> Dedra, sounds like an interesting stream you want to offer
101: [14:31:24] <Dedra> I already do, since a while :) It's just not worth it to pay 14€ a month for a website which is not visited that often you know.
102: [14:33:31] <Dedra> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/144003607?t=42m25s the next thing I have to fix is, the loud echo in my room. I can clearly hear it in the background of the mic :\
103: [14:33:50] <Dedra> And someday later the design of the website, since this is just... :-D I'm a coder, not a designer so ^^
104: [14:37:33] <wmk> and you're in front of a greenscreen?
105: [14:44:46] <Dedra> ahm yeah :)
106: [14:45:15] <Dedra> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/144003607?t=3h5m20s you can see it here
107: [14:46:01] <Dedra> ah, damit wait. wrong link. See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzG679DdDsQ there you hear the "echo" in the room i have to fix anytime soon.
108: [14:46:16] <Dedra> But i calculated it will cost me ~200€ which I can't effort at the moment for it ^^
109: [14:48:51] <wmk> and streaming in germany is complicated with law...
110: [14:49:26] <Dedra> nono it's not. Just right now there is a "problem" with the "Landesmedienanstalt". But this will be pretty soon fixed I'm 100% sure :)
111: [14:49:38] <wmk> hopefully
112: [14:49:54] <Dedra> it's a problem since 3 month. And this will not stay forever. Because people will kill the politics :D
113: [14:50:08] <Dedra> Since it's just a hobby for me. I'm fine :P
114: [14:50:26] <Dedra> Not planing to get big or something. :)
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121: [20:28:19] <DarjusIT> Hi all is posible to translate private static $singular_name = _t('Form.CustomObject', 'CustomObject'); because I getting an erros becaus in var we cannot use _t()
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