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20: [15:15:25] <ss-helper> Silverstripe prevent load data when submitting a form - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43851117/silverstripe-prevent-load-data-when-submitting-a-form
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27: [18:59:03] <DarjusIT> Hi all in newest SS in on editing user pass you need to enter current pass, how to disable that? my client dont knows current pass of some users so he cannot enter current
28: [19:07:16] <DarjusIT> Hi all in newest SS in on editing user pass you need to enter current pass, how to disable that? my client dont knows current pass of some users so he cannot enter current
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30: [19:35:02] <UndefinedOffset> DarjusIT I think it's a bug that you even have to, it only seems to show the current password field for me in the cms when the user doesn't have a password in which case the field isn't required per-say
31: [19:36:03] <DarjusIT> UndefinedOffset, when I try to change pass it demands to input Current :/
32: [19:36:19] <UndefinedOffset> super weird and your doing this through the cms? which core version?
33: [19:36:31] <DarjusIT> newest
34: [19:37:01] <UndefinedOffset> so 3.5.3? Regardless it's worth throwing an issue into https://github.com/silverstripe/silverstripe-framework/issues seems like a bug to me
35: [19:38:30] <DarjusIT> yes
36: [19:39:07] <DarjusIT> I thought that it was made by demand of users, I see some posts on forum that people wanted that
37: [19:39:26] <DarjusIT> But I accusaly solved that 1sec ago :D
38: [19:40:41] <DarjusIT> I made my own LEftAdmin, added member and Hided Security left admin and on edit I see only 2 fields no current, strange
39: [19:45:21] <DarjusIT> UndefinedOffset, clean install user edit http://pasteboard.co/3UPVN3t38.png , after making left admin member edit http://pasteboard.co/3URcQ2h3H.png :D no clue why :D
40: [19:46:30] <UndefinedOffset> i wonder if it's because your editing the currently logged in member?
41: [19:46:33] <UndefinedOffset> it'd make sense then
42: [19:46:38] <DarjusIT> nop
43: [19:47:01] <DarjusIT> oh you mean if I edit my own?
44: [19:47:56] <UndefinedOffset> mm if your editing your own account it makes sense to demand the current password, so your first link. But in the case of the second link it should too I'd think since your logged in with that user there
45: [19:48:11] <UndefinedOffset> i'd recommend opening an issue something screwy is definitly going on there
46: [19:48:11] <DarjusIT> yes I see same on clean install
47: [19:48:50] <DarjusIT> yes that the case
48: [19:49:01] <DarjusIT> but why?
49: [19:49:37] <DarjusIT> I dont understand need for this loggicaly.
50: [19:50:16] <DarjusIT> If admin was hacked it makes no difference having that fields
51: [19:50:20] <DarjusIT> If admin was hacked it makes no difference having that field
52: [19:50:54] <UndefinedOffset> i'd think you should only need to confirm the password on the currently logged in account but that doesn't even seem to be the case all of the time. It seems to be very inconsistant on some users it's asking on others it's not. True enough regardless it should be one way or the other, either not show it all of the time or only show it on the current member
53: [19:52:34] <DarjusIT> I would prefer on editing pass you can insert your pass as confirmation that admin is changing. sort of validation as some systems does. but this is strange.
54: [19:53:19] <UndefinedOffset> mm and broken regardless :)
55: [19:55:22] <DarjusIT> my clients complains that he cannot change his pass so I change it from my acc and they laugth at me :D but whatever maybe I will make extension to get rid of this
56: [19:55:45] <UndefinedOffset> lol
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58: [20:01:25] <DarjusIT> I have AdditionalServices DataObject in left admin, and have Houses Dataobject that has $has_many AdditionalServices, you can add existing AdditionalServices to house. Is it posible that you can only edit AdditionalServices from left admin, but not from Houses in houses you can only add relation to existing?
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62: [22:07:40] <Tron_> Hi guys. I am using JSONDataFormatter to convert A DataObject. The only problem is it leaves off some properties e.g. className etc and when I try to add new fields they get stripped when converted. Any ideas?
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