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IRC log for 22 June 2014

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1: [00:02:54] <guzzlefry> VersionedImage has many Images=>Image, has one current=>Image?
2: [00:05:21] <Zauberfisch> meh, I think I will actually go with base64
3: [00:05:38] <Zauberfisch> easiest way to keep the data persistent
4: [00:06:00] <Zauberfisch> not using the file class actually has a benefit here, that its absolutely not editable via cms
5: [00:06:34] <Zauberfisch> (of course I could subclass file, and overwrite can*, but then there is still sync and duplicate file name handling that will mess up)
6: [00:07:00] <Zauberfisch> so from where I am standing right now, storing hat image as string in the database is the easierst way (by far)
7: [00:15:44] <Zauberfisch> but I moved the whole subject down the priority list, so I have a while to think about it
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11: [01:19:14] <Zauberfisch> split view (Edit & Preview) for Dataobjects
12: [01:19:24] <Zauberfisch> anyone tried it / got it working before?
13: [01:36:44] <willr> Can’t say I have tried to modify the CMSPreview stuff
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16: [02:14:37] <Zauberfisch> oh noez
17: [02:14:54] <Zauberfisch> willr: seems to be designed to be used elsewhere as well
18: [02:15:07] <Zauberfisch> but not full implemented like that
19: [02:15:19] <Zauberfisch> half of the code is in framework, the other half in cms
20: [02:15:21] <Zauberfisch> <.<
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24: [02:25:38] <srixon> Hi to all, is there a way i can overrode gpc_magic_quotes on install? I dont have access to php.ini I am using Funio Cpanel, of any help?
25: [02:26:11] <Zauberfisch> depending on the server configuration you might be able to turn it of in the .htaccess file
26: [02:26:47] <Zauberfisch> see: http://php.net/manual/en/security.magicquotes.disabling.php
27: [02:26:55] <Zauberfisch> "If access to the server configuration is unavailable, use of .htaccess is also an option. For example: "
28: [02:26:58] <Zauberfisch> "php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off
29: [02:26:59] <Zauberfisch> "
30: [02:27:17] <Zauberfisch> so, in short, put "php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off" into your .htaccess file
31: [02:28:05] <Zauberfisch> and if you get a white page just saying "Internal Server Error", or just a blank white page, then the server is most likely configured in a way that does not allow overwriting that falue
32: [02:28:56] <srixon> zauberfish => main site is in ss 2.4. New one is in the same root but in a /dev folder. When i add .htacces into /dev, it gives me a Page Not Found. Do i need to add a rewrite base to dev/
33: [02:29:45] <srixon> See this => http://www.college-st-paul.qc.ca/nouveau/install.php
34: [02:30:17] <srixon> Main site is http://www.college-st-paul.qc.ca/ and in SS2.4 New site woulds be SS3.1.2 in http://www.college-st-paul.qc.ca/nouveau/
35: [02:31:44] <srixon> Host provide gives me no access to php.ini which i usually use.
36: [02:34:52] <Zauberfisch> srixon: I see the installer
37: [02:35:11] <Zauberfisch> but it says magic_quotes_gpc is on
38: [02:35:28] <Zauberfisch> I don't get what you mean
39: [02:35:41] <Zauberfisch> have you added the line to the htaccess file?
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41: [02:37:49] <srixon> As i said, when i add an .htaccess file in /nouveau folder, i get a PAGE NOT FOUND page.
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43: [02:39:20] <srixon> Zauberfish, go see the install again => you will be taken back to the 2.4 site.
44: [02:40:40] <srixon> This thing is driving me nuts for ages.....
45: [02:41:46] <Zauberfisch> srixon: have you removed it again?
46: [02:41:50] <Zauberfisch> because I see the install
47: [02:42:07] <srixon> Yes i did. You want me to put it back?
48: [02:42:19] <srixon> Its back.
49: [02:42:33] <Zauberfisch> I see
50: [02:42:40] <Zauberfisch> and that happens if you add that one line?
51: [02:43:10] <srixon> Check by yourself, you are take back to /nouveau/page-not-found......
52: [02:44:42] <srixon> Funny thing is that in the /nouveau folder, there are no customized theme..... Its like its using the main 2.4 /root site for displaying the Error Page.
53: [02:45:04] <srixon> Zauberfisch => and that happens if you add that one line? => yes
54: [02:45:42] <Zauberfisch> srixon: that error message probably happens through htaccess
55: [02:46:24] <srixon> Ive taken it out. Go see http://www.college-st-paul.qc.ca/nouveau/phpinfo.php
56: [02:46:40] <Zauberfisch> I am assuming that the server does not like that configuration and errors. because the silverstripe 2.4 site has an Error Document, it displays that error document
57: [02:47:16] <srixon> The 2.4 site is running flawlessly.
58: [02:48:21] <Zauberfisch> I am assuming that what we are actually seeing is not nouveau/install.php but actually /assets/error-404.html
59: [02:48:54] <srixon> Oddly, i have another site running SS3 on the exact same server.... Dont remember what i did to get away with the Quotes problem. Cant it be overriden? Like i did with the TimeZone?
60: [02:49:42] <Zauberfisch> it is not possible to disable magic quotes in php
61: [02:49:59] <Zauberfisch> the only thing you can do is manually undo what it did
62: [02:50:10] <Zauberfisch> but silverstripe will still show that error
63: [02:51:04] <Zauberfisch> but silverstripe did allow magic quotes in an earlier version of ss3
64: [02:51:05] <srixon> So whats the solution?
65: [02:51:13] <Zauberfisch> so perhaps you have a ss3.0.x running there
66: [02:52:09] <srixon> Nope, i confirm, its 3.1.2
67: [02:52:14] <Zauberfisch> hmmm
68: [02:52:25] <Zauberfisch> I guess you should check what you did to make it work ;)
69: [02:52:48] <Zauberfisch> if you add that one line to .htaccess, can you still access the phpinfo.php ?
70: [02:53:15] <srixon> I try. Back ibn 10 seconds
71: [02:53:45] <Zauberfisch> srixon: the easiest and best solution: ask your hoster to upgrade your php version to a more recent one (5.5)
72: [02:54:13] <srixon> I xan change PHP in Cpanel i think.
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74: [02:54:50] <Zauberfisch> magic quoutes got removed with 5.4, so anything above that should get you rid of that error
75: [02:56:34] <Zauberfisch> srixon: but pay attemtnion. I don't know if silverstripe 2.4 works with php 5.4 or 5.5
76: [02:57:19] <Zauberfisch> srixon: yeah, seems like the 3.1 site works now but the 2.4 stopped
77: [02:58:48] <Zauberfisch> (In general, I would recommend you develop on a different host, it is never a smart idea to run 2 websites in the same vhost, even if its just for developement)
78: [02:58:55] <srixon> This is a f... dead end!!!!
79: [02:59:35] <Zauberfisch> srixon: I recommend you get a proper setup and get a dev server ;)
80: [03:00:00] <Zauberfisch> if I develop a site, I will put it up under "yourname.mycompany.com"

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